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2021 Ministry Update

In the midst of a chaotic world, God is a faithful friend, and a sovereign Lord.

February 2021

Dear Friends,

January 2020, we embarked on a walk of faith that was not intended, but the Lord designed it to broaden our ministry. To say that we were walking by faith, would be an understatement—but to convey all that God did for us during this time, would truly blow your mind!

We had youth rallies, prophecy conferences, and evangelistic meetings scheduled throughout the year. I really felt that the Lord was laying the groundwork for me to go into a Bible conference and evangelism ministry. In addition, we were called by the pulpit committee of Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, NC. They were in search of a pastor and needed someone for the interim work to provide stability while they sought the Lord’s will for their next pastor. This would work out fine, as we would fill the pulpit there and still fulfill the meetings scheduled on the calendar.

Then, COVID-19 hit our world! The calendar was immediately stripped of its dates due to pastors exercising caution for their people. The Lord immediately led us to take all the services of Asbury Baptist Church online at our website, In addition, we began the radio ministry, Gospel Dynamite on WYTR 88.1FM, a local station. It was at this time we also began our podcast ministry, an extension of our radio ministry and expositional teaching of the Scripture. In short, our goal was to make “lemonade out of the lemons” we’d been dealt! This is a brief history of where we have been.

Many of you have given to this ministry over the past year, and for that we say, “thank you!” As contributors to this work, you are entitled to share in the blessing of knowing where we are currently.When we stop to think of all the Lord has done over the past year we are simply amazed. Because you have given to this ministry, we bring this update to you.

Radio Ministry. The radio ministry is currently on one station, WYTR 88.1FM in Bennett, each Sunday at 8AM. It has a potential listenership of well over 300,000 people, on the radio dial alone. In addition, they stream over their downloadable app, and their website. We have ample feedback from listeners that this

is a blessing to them, and they are growing from the expositional Bible teaching.

Podcast Ministry. While it has always been a ministry goal to have a radio ministry, the podcast ministry was born out of necessity during COVID-19, to broaden our ministry. It has grown more than we could ever have imagined. At the time of this writing, the podcast messages have been downloaded in 21 foreign countries, with 77% of our listeners from the continental US.

These countries include: Germany, Indonesia, Poland, Israel, Australia, India, Japan, Canada, Philippines, New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, France, Croatia, Sweden, Singapore, and Thailand.

These messages are first played on the radio ministry, and then released for our podcast audience on all major podcast platforms. It can easily be accessed by typing in, Gospel Dynamite with Allen Mashburn on any internet search engine.

Website Ministry. Our website serves as the hub of our audio and video messages. Currently, we have over fifty video messages, originally recorded for our people at Asbury. (The videos are also being used by a church in Pennsylvania as home & Sunday School study, for which we thank the Lord for!) In addition, all our messages can be accessed here, and we have guest writers that lend their talents to our blog page.

Preaching Ministry. The Lord has been gracious to us. On December 13, Asbury Baptist Church extended the call to us to be their pastor, of which we accepted. The folks are some of the most genuine people I’ve met in ministry, for that I am thankful. The deacons and myself feel that the Lord paired us together (since March 2020), and we are seeking the Lord for His blessings on this work as we serve, preferably, until He comes!

According to my records, I’ve had the honor of preaching 243 messages during 2020 (this requires a lot of study). We certainly don’t say that to boast, except in the Lord. This year, as tumultuous as it seems to be, is full of opportunity to serve the Lord; already this week having preached six times.

My purpose is to say, “thank you” for your prayers, letters and calls of encouragement, and giving toward our ministry. I’m convinced that God will add blessings to your account for giving toward this work of grace. For all you and the Lord has done, to God be the Glory!

Melissa joins me in sending our love, and heartfelt gratitude for your giving to the Lord! We pray that this year will be one of blessing for you and your family.

With our warmest regards,

J. Allen Mashburn

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