Election Day 2020 - What Can I Do?

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s. — I Corinthians 6:19-20

Today is Election Day in the United States of America; a time set apart by the crafters of our Republic to allow the people to have a say in their own governance. Some see it as a time to make a stand against a certain platform, while others take it for granted—thinking their voice wouldn’t make a difference. There are many complaints about the current system, yet no one, on any other continent, has been able to come up with a new or revised system that accomplished what our Founders’ envisioned.

There has been many popular preachers, writers, bloggers, and “couch theologians” that have written a myriad of articles, blogs, and even devoted entire messages of how believers should vote. From my viewpoint, most have been written as a slander against the President, notably attacking his personal life (marriages, divorces, language, etc). While no one should be dismissive of past behavior, it must be noted that a standard cannot simply appear for one candidate and not another. Those that are quick to point out the President’s past sins, seemingly turn a blind eye to sins of other candidates, and past leaders.

The Bible is filled with men who were just that, and only that—men. They failed, they cursed, they committed adultery, murder, and even deserted our Lord. However, in each instance, the Lord judged their personal sins, AND (are you listening?)... forgave their past sins. Those that refused to honor and seek God’s forgiveness with a repentant heart, God totally removed them out of His way. He can do that—He’s God.

Now, I am not being dismissive of Donald Trump’s sins and past life—but I can’t be judge of it either. In reality, it’s my experience that those who use this argument as a way of not voting for the President, are only denying the fact that they just do not like the man, or his policies. If you don’t like Donald Trump, be man or woman enough to say, “I don’t like him.” Don’t hide behind this straw argument. When you begin dissecting the life of a man, prior to his present job performance, it becomes so apparent as to what you are seeking to hide—your dislike for him. When an opposing candidate is open about their opposition to Christ, His Church, and the innocent lives of children, there should be no doubt where the allegiance of the believer should lie—on the side of righteousness for the Nation.

This election is not about Donald Trump, the Republicans, or the Democrats—it’s about right from wrong. It’s about life. It’s about our way of life. It’s about freedom. It’s about our liberty to worship our Lord. It’s about God verses Satan.

The aforementioned verse, I Corinthians 6:19-20, makes it clear that we are bought with a price, the blood of our Lord Jesus. Thus, He owns us. I might add that He owns us by right of creation and redemption (if you are born-again). Verse 20, God commands us, “therefore glorify God in your body. and in your spirit, which are God’s.” Simply put, everything we do, we should glorify God. With every day, every decision, every motive, every motion, we should be asking ourselves—“Am I bringing glory to God?” If you believe this verse to be the Word of God, and it is—then you should know that your act of voting belongs to Him as well.

Yes! You read correctly, your vote should glorify God.

Voting for the believer is not something you have to sweat and fret over, God simplifies the matter. Voting should be as easy as taking the Word of God and placing it next to a candidate and their platform—whichever candidate is nearer to the principles of God’s Word, that candidate/platform gets my vote.

Now immediately, I hear you thinking…”But there’s just not a perfect candidate!”

There never has been, and if you are waiting for one to magically appear, you will never vote in an election. It has been my experience that those I have personally encountered, that scrutinize the President’s past life—many don’t even attend church. While that doesn’t mean they aren’t saved, it does tell me they aren’t as qualified as they realize…they are making much of the splinter in someone’s eye while ignoring the beam in their own. This attitude of self-righteousness doesn’t glorify God, rather it seeks to elevate “self” to a place of judge of someone else, something the Lord never qualified us to do.

As believers in Christ, we have a duty to stand up for Him, His Word, and cast a vote for a candidate for the highest office in the land, that honors Him and His people. Don’t misunderstand me—I’m not telling you WHO to vote for, but I am admonishing you WHAT to vote for—the platform that most honors the principles of the Bible; this is our duty as children of God.

Having been an American citizen my entire life, and a preacher of the Gospel for over twenty-five years, I have never observed Satan interested in a presidential election as this one—2020. We have an evangelistic ministry, radio, internet, podcast, and church ministries—each one has had their own set of challenges and spiritual attacks. I’ve viewed Satan working among believers, specifically using the COVID-19 restrictions to make us lax in seeking and serving the Lord. You can get anything online these days while you sip your coffee and relax in your pajamas—this makes for a weak believer that in time, will rationalize why there’s no need to return to normal. Our “new normal,” will create “couch potato theologians” that in less than a year will be able to reason with the pastor why they should not return to in-person fellowship. We are producing a form of spiritual laziness that will push us even further toward a Laodicean viewpoint of our world----which will be humanistic in nature, rather than biblical.

My point is—Satan is interested in the demise of the United States! He’s will never conquer America by using his minions, or unbelievers. Riots, and distress will only incite fear and intimidation, chaos and rebellion; these are the marks of Satan, thus unbelievers as well. God is not the Author of confusion, nor is He the Author of rebellion and riotous behavior-----Satan is. Though Satan can never dismantle or eliminate the Church, in his subtlety, he seeks to disempower us by harming our relationship with Christ, any way possible. He will seek to conquer and destroy America by making the Christian, the believer—self-satisfied, comfortable, and filled with a mental knowledge of God, that only seeks to disconnect the heartfelt need of the Savior, while drowning out the voice of the Holy Spirit so that the only whisper the believer hears, is his own.

Thus, this election is more than Donald J. Trump or Mike Pence, it is about my children. This election is about my honor to God. It is about honoring my parents, and everything they taught me. By this election and my prayers—this is my only voice. I cannot whisper, I must be firm, stand with conviction, and love for a lost world—I cannot be silent.

Pray. Vote. Then, pray without ceasing. Even though today is Election Day, I know that God places leaders where He wants them. I must pray that God will answer my prayer, and if God chooses to give me the opposite of my prayer, I pray that He will give me the spirit to submit to His sovereign will for me, my family, and my Country.

Be careful (anxious) for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

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