Recently, the Moore County Board of Education (North Carolina) voted in favor of keeping a book named “George” on the shelf in the libraries of their public schools. The book has created quite the stir, but unfortunately not enough for the Board to be persuaded.

We are seeing this all over the country—school boards making decisions unilaterally, with little to no parent involvement. In some cases, the voice of parents is being ignored and even stifled by their elected officials. A growing sense of resentment is causing a deep divide between school officials and parents—and the officials (most of them elected by the public) do not seem to be interested in what their constituents believe, leaving the parents alienated, having no voice at all.

There has been a hidden agenda moving slowly among our public school system for some time, moving ever so subtle. While it was no secret that the public system and it’s mainline officials wanted nothing to do with God or what they view as “religionists,” the more subtle agenda started to pick up more speed and momentum when President Trump was elected. It was as if he was not supposed to be elected and because he was, someone or a collaborative group made the decision to push the pedal to the metal concerning indoctrination under the guise of teaching acceptance, free thought, and “exposing our children to all the different ideas that are out there.”

Get this. While we have students in North Carolina that cannot spell, write in cursive, read cursive, do basic math, and form a complete sentence—school boards across this country are making decisions to offer our children exposure to “different ideas” such as transferring to another gender. While our boards of education should be focused on teaching students mathematics, basic reading skills, basic writing, critical writing, persuasive writing, and the list can continue—they want to make books available that hinder growth, and development of the character that we need as a Nation. The students in Japan are learning calculus in the fifth grade and here we want to make sure we plant a delusional thought in their minds like “you may be something other than what your mom and dad say you are…” What does that produce?

Ukraine’s army is fighting for their country and participating in military training when they aren’t defending their cities—yet according to the latest findings from FoxNews, certain branches of our military are receiving training on how to properly use pronouns, so no one is offended. Yes sir, that will help win a war! What a fix we are in and it's self-induced.

Today’s boards of education have completely lost their purpose in the instruction of students. The Left would say that our students need to be exposed to and taught self-expression without any moral boundary, thus the input of parents is unnecessary and actually a threat to this form of indoctrination, rather than education. You see, I contend that children do no need to be exposed to the fallacies of self-expression and the delusional thinking that one can change their gender—rather, children MUST be exposed to truth. Yes, TRUTH.

Who decided it was ok that we should accept someone’s delusion as fact? As a society we used to medicate and help people with delusional thoughts—not we elevate them to a standard to follow. Who decided that was ok? When did we decide that it was acceptable to honor someone who mentally thinks they are something other than what they were created as?

Why are we even having to discuss a book that grooms a child to become transgender in the United States of America? Why are we having to fight a battle with boards of education that this book is not wholesome, does not contribute to the welfare of a child, and only brings more questions that are left to the person engaging in this thought process, to define as they see fit? Why?!?!

The author of the book “George” and even our school officials would have you believe that there are children as young as four and five years old that question their gender and feel inadequate in their body because of it. As a father of four children, I can tell you this is completely false. If my child has a question, I answer with the TRUTH. It's as simple as that. As a pastor who has been in ministry nearly thirty years and have had multiple children’s ministries, I can say that I have never had a child come to me about gender questions. I can verify that I have never had a parent come to me and say, “Pastor, how do I talk to my child about how she really feels like a boy?” Do you know why? The answer is clear…a child’s mind is like a sponge and it will soak every amount of knowledge it can. With that being said, someone has to plant a thought, a question in the mind of that child, “I know you go to the bathroom this way, but if you think you should have been a boy, it’s ok, you can be what you want to be.” The child begins to question, and someone has to feed this line of questioning…someone who has made a conscious decision to abate truth. Someone who has decided, “I’m going to expose this child to ‘other views.’” My point is that children are not born regretting their biological makings—they are taught to question it. The same thing happened in the Garden of Eden, when Satan appeared to Eve in the form of a serpent. The very first thing he did (and is still doing) was to get Eve to doubt God—“Ye shall not surely die” God is withholding something from you. He’s not being honest with you, He is leading you wrong. So the Left did not concur up this first, it was Satan, and he is to blame for this mess as well. Yet, when an adult makes a decision to not instruct a child TRUTH, then it is completely a lie—and to lie to a child and misrepresent the truth, is abusing the time spent with that child. In effect, in what it will create in the mind of that child, it’s nothing less than mentally abusing a child. The author of this book, “George” recently gave an interview to a local newspaper in Moore County, and stated, “No, you don't get to decide what your children read”—I beg to differ! It is more than my decision, it is my parental duty! I have said much in recent days regarding this book and several more; this does not add to or provide a wholesome education of a child. It should have the same label that is affixed to medications, poison, and cleaning supplies: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Incidentally, a concerned parent read the interview and tried to post a comment on the newspaper’s website. In the comments section, they simply quoted a portion of the book, “George,” the website would not allow it to be posted because it was considered profanity and contained unsuitable material.

Oh, sadly, there isn’t a law against it, poisoning the minds of children with literature that is considered garbage—yet. But there should be a law on the books that says, if you fail to instruct children the TRUTH, you lose your privilege of teaching that child. That would be in a perfect world, and that we do not have. There will be many who will write me and say, “public schools have gone to hell, Christian education should be promoted, homeschool should be promoted!” To that I would say, “I believe in Christian education, and I believe in homeschool—my children are homeschooled. That is and should be a viable option for your children, but it is simply not an option for ALL children.” So stop. Let’s not go there. We are talking about all the children that are in the public school system—that Jesus said that we should have been salt and light to in the darkness of the classroom. They have in many ways been abandoned by church ministries. I speak this to our shame.

So, where does this leave us now? Well, we aren’t without work to do and we aren’t without weapons to use in this battle.

First and foremost, believers need spiritual renewal toward God. This only comes through prayer, in which the Holy Spirit will reveal sin that must be confessed and repentance taken place. This should be the focus of the church—not just prayer corporately for revival, but praying individually for it in your own heart. All the great revivals in history started small with a group of people—not vice-versa. It only takes one match to start a forest fire.

Secondly, God’s people must determine to stop the status quo and obey God in being salt and light in this world. We must exercise the kindness of Christ, but recognize when we must be abrasive for what is right according to the Word of God.

Finally, we must place a “cease and desist” notice on the door of this idea that loving your country isn’t what a believer should be entangled with. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being patriotic and loving this Country—it is right! Men and women have died on battlefields all over the world fighting for our freedoms, I will not let their fight, dedication, and for many, the ultimate sacrifice be in vain.

I will rise and stand. I will always stand for the flag of the United States. I will always stand on the Word of God, and I will always stand for the welfare of precious children! While darkness has seemed to plagued this world, the Light of our testimony, fortitude, Christ-like life, and obeying the precepts of the Word of God—should be our guide until God calls us home, or I have to pay the ultimate sacrifice—for freedom. We are here, for such a time as this. Stand.