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Mandates, COVID-19, and God

2020 has been a difficult year, wouldn't you concur?

Facebook’s inviting line: “What’s on your mind?”

I don’t have a problem doing something (or NOT doing something) that will help someone else. I am always willing to listen and make a decision that is always in the best interest of the whole…BUT what I do have a problem with, is a cynical and tyrannical government seeking to be my “mummy” and acting like they actually care for me—when I have yet to see that tender side in any of their actions or intent. Call me skeptical, but I find it hard to believe.

Anyone, be it the governor, government, etc., that will come out with such force to “protect” the common good, yet won’t stand up for the most innocent of human life, they don’t have my best interest at heart. I wear a mask when I can, but because of a medical issue, a mask prohibits my breathing to a point that makes it unwise for me to constantly wear it. Many have these issues as well, howbeit, I think it not wise of anyone to try to shame me or anyone else, should they see me without one. However, my attitude is, I am more than willing to help someone if I can, and if wearing one does that, I’m ready to do so; however, I won’t be a political pawn in anyone’s proverbial chess game of shaming into control.

I am told to “follow the science” by people who refuse to accept scientific facts, such as (but not limited to) two genders, and life beginning at conception. Americans are people, not inmates, thus we do not need a guard seeking to make us to do anything. Americans are people, not children that need a nanny. Americans are people, not statistics, and should be treated as such.

I’ve had friends die with COVID, as well as family. I know it’s effects. It’s real. To disagree with a political leader cannot be taken to mean that one denies the existence of COVID, rather it must be understood that the populace must remain independent to care for their own, make their own decisions, and not be treated like children, that happen to be taxpaying adults. COVID is real, but so is flu, pneumonia, and bronchitis; all of these are spread through aerosols, propelled by cough, sneeze, even breathing. I have quite a few underlying issues, that should I get COVID, I know I won’t fair well, but for me to think that the world should come to a stop because of me, that is selfish. Yet, the realization has to be faced that COVID is here to stay in one form or another. I do not look for it to be eradicated, not totally. I'm not saying I lack faith, I'm just being a realist. We have a vaccine for flu, yet it rears it’s ugly head annually. We have been given a “new normal,” unfortunately…BUT as Americans we adapt, fight it, work around it, become more innovative, we don’t run, we don’t panic, and we don’t argue amongst ourselves. We come together as a people, not because a government forces us to, that’s never been the American way! We come together to fight our foes because that’s the American way, the American spirit—we look danger head on and face it. We don’t get in a news conference and issue panic, we raise morale, and speak positively—that’s what leadership does! Americans solve problems—NOT politicians, they only seem to make a mess and contaminate anything they touch with stupidity and overbearing bureaucracy.

For me to force my way of life on someone is selfish and wrong. Every person is essential. Every job is essential. Read that again. Every. Job. Is. Essential.

It is my responsibility to keep myself safe, as best I can, no one else’s. It’s not the government’s, they can’t even balance their books…… really?!?! They can’t even organize and facilitate the electoral process correctly or efficiently. To say that they should have an input in my daily life, any further than they already have, is most unwise on the part of the citizenry.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Concerning this dreadful virus, I have to view it through my purview of biblical thought; God either sent it, OR He allowed it. If you believe in the sovereignty of God, you have to concur. In either scenario, as a believer in Christ, I have to believe that God is in total control, and should I get this dreaded virus, or someone else in my family is diagnosed with it—our lives are in His Hands to do what He sees fit

Now, if you are reading this and you are not a believer in Christ, you don’t have much to look forward to either way—whether God sent it, or if He allowed it. You can personally come to Christ and change your situation immediately. Thank the Lord for His grace.

There will be some who will read this and make fun of it, make a snide remark, or even send me a very angry message—I’ve had them all. I am big enough to take them. Yet, before you send that angry message or reply, ask yourself a question…

Am I disagreeing with his view, or the fact that he refuses to comply with government oversight that is completely hypocritical at best?

If you can think this critically, and answer this question intelligently, then by all means…fire away.

While this post is not meant to be one of division, it most likely will have that effect—thanks to the mainstream media and their conditioning of the human mind. I trust your mind is fixed on the unshakeable Word of God, and not the words of men.

This week is the week set aside on our calendar to be thankful, with our family, around a table spread with food and the blessings of God. This year, 2020, has been a difficult year for many, but remember that you are here because of God’s faithfulness and His goodness to us as His children.

Allen Mashburn is the Bible Teacher for the Gospel Dynamite Broadcast, heard on local radio networks. Gospel Dynamite's Podcast Ministry is being downloaded in eleven countries around the world. He also serves as Interim Pastor of Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, NC.

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