The Ministry to Children

Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His presence with singing. - Psalm 100:2

Summer ministries are now in full swing. In the next few days and throughout the next three months, children ages 5 through teens will be heading to summer camps and spiritual excursions that will make indelible impressions on each of their lives. What is not always seen by these and their parents is the amount of work (physical and spiritual), and sweat equity that goes into these summer ministries. We are in the middle of our busy summer schedule and it is physically challenging to say the least, not to mention the spiritual battles incurred in ministry. In recent years, I must confess I have found Satan attacks these ministries more and more each season. Howbeit, it makes no difference of his thwarting devices and schemes, the Lord has a very special place in His heart for children. We must never forget that.

Children are a gift from God.

We have a mandate from the Lord Himself to bring truth to the children of our area. We must tell them who Jesus is, that He loves them, He died for them, and He's coming again!

Our Lord Jesus showed his love for children during His earthly ministry. In Matthew 19:13—15, it is quite obvious that the Lord loves little children and desires for them to be brought to Him.

It was a common practice among Jews to bring their children to the teachers and rabbis. The knew they would pray for them, tell them truth, and teach them in the ways of their Jewish fathers. In the passage referenced above, it is important to note that children had to be brought to Jesus, for they could not come on their own. Matthew 19 states that children must be suffered. Suffer means to permit. The implication from the text is that children want to come to Jesus! When the disciples rebuked the children, Jesus rebuked the disciples emphatically, “Forbid them not, to come unto me.”

The disciples were good men chosen by the Lord Himself and we are certain in their minds they had the best intentions. However, the truth we need to grasp is our Lord Jesus loves children! He loves their tender hearts, their willingness to learn, and no doubt He loves their ability to get into innocent mischief. Children are easy to lead and they have minds that soak up knowledge as a sponge does water. Yes, Jesus loves the children. They have His attention. Would to God that we would have the same heart and mind as our Savior when it comes to reaching children for Him.

We have a mandate from Christ Himself to bring truth to the children of our area. We must tell them who Jesus is, that He loves them, He died for them, and He’s coming again!

It’s not only a mandate from the Lord Himself, it’s a privilege.

God help us in our journey to be more like the Savior!

J. Allen Mashburn